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    recent reason i hear local couples broke up is not cheating, domestic violence etc, but instead, cuz the dude or family couldn’t afford to save up for the $500/table cover charge for hak heang, and the gal apparently won’t settle for nowhere else.


    1st of all, even if they say there’s new mgmt, who wants to celebrate tying the knot where a kid got shot and dragged out like a dog, left to die on the street? rip bobby

    2nd, wit 5 persons per table thats $100 per person just for loud music, some greasy pig intestines and steam rice. n when u get up to dance, good luck finding any belongings u left behind at the table when u get back.

    3rd, how long will that wedding last anyways? suppose depends on how much ur willing to.. compromise?  =/

    best wedding receptions i been to were under self-pitched backyard tents, but that was back on the east coast. seems west coast peeps want everything larger than life and beyond their means. surely there’s better places than HH.. no?! where do lowell and montreal khmers tend to do it? (aside from expecting every invitee to fly out overseas to some exotic isle)


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    Getting married is like the goal of most Khmer people. When I say married..just a ceremony..not legal.

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