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    Hello KL,

    No, there’s no police here but we want to encourage meaningful conversations that can potentially have a positive impact for the KL community and beyond.  We know that there will always be differences of opinions amongst each other but that’s a great thing.  We want KL to be a positive and safe place for all members and we hope you can help us achieve that.

    Please keep in mind these aren’t hard set rules but refer to them as posting guidelines.

    • Please post topics that help engage in good conversation
      • Treat your topics kind of like a blog
      • Keep your posts longer than one sentence when possible
      • When posting external links/memes/videos add detail
      • When posting music videos please include artist name along with title of the song
    • Please don’t post a novel
      • Super lengthy posts generally get ignored
      • If you have a personal writing you’d like to share we can help publish it for you here and even broadcast it on social media
    • Please do not use ALL CAPS in topic titles or posts
      • Exceptions for referencing acronyms, urgent topics or expressing excitement/anger/frustration or anywhere extra emphasis is needed
    • Please post topics relating to the forum category
      • When in doubt, post in The Lounge
    • Please avoid bashing other members
      • We’re all mature enough to settle our own disputes, I hope
    • Please avoid posting yes/no answers without a why
    • Please use the Reply button when responding to a specific post


    KL Admins

    P.S. Thanks @zeronumbers for the inspiration and helping us understand the importance of posting guidelines.

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