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    Zero Numbers

    Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? What are you living your life for?

    These things are very important to know. You have been lied to about your history and who you are.

    As for me. I learned what I needed to know regarding my own questions I asked. I’m getting numb from the repetitive things in this world. There are things that are blatant that are just in your face.

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    I don’t know the details of what happens before we born or after we die, but I believe the next day after we die is just another day that is dependent on the last day. Make sure that you live a good life, do good things, study, and make a lot of money. Some people are depressed and want to kill themselves…but there’s no reason to believe the next life is better. If you’re a religious person that does a lot of charity, but you’re stupid and poor…no reason that you’ll born a rich and smart person the next life. If you’re in a horrible relationship or attract negative people, then there is no reason to believe that you’ll attract great people the next day after you die.

    Focus on now and how you want to make your life now.



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    Karmic resolution?


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    Sach Mon

    This world of ours, no matter how real it seems, is merely an illusion…a simulation. We stand firm on our own two feet never realizing we are moving at 1000 mph across a point in space. We look out into the distance and see a flat horizon never realizing there is a slight curvature that makes up the earth. We see islands separated by water but underneath it all everything is actually conjoined. Life in physical terms is understood as living and breathing but the mind, the soul, spirit is existence on a whole different level.

    To be continued….because right now it’s time for me to eat some chicken.

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      Life in the physical realm vs spiritual. What about the ones that are stuck in a limbo?

      And then there’s the idea of the reality and the virtual world. What if the life we’re living right now is all just a virtual reality and we don’t know it yet? 😮


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    Humankind as we know has many different races. Yes it is a race not to a finish line but to see who evolves faster with more knowledge and power. We adapt to our environment to best suit us to grow physically and mentally.  Within each race there are the subcultures that often work together aka ethnicity. Within the races, we all work together, although with tension to pass on knowledge to grow as a civilization.  Coming to a day when the races become mixed, we can rewind back to the nobility days.  There is nothing wrong with it and I highly support mixing the gene pool.

    We could not do it without one another. Some races are more advanced and civilized than others with their own unique quality with having different spans of generation gaps (for example having children at 20 vs having children at 30).  Breed a lot and miss the quality time with each individual vs passing on what matters most in life.

    It’s not a matter of what we do after we pass but what we can do while we are alive.



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      It is human’s destiny to mix and become one. All of this fighting each other is just primitive BS. In the future, we will explore the universe and see ourselves as earthlings and humans, rather than divide each other by race and land.

      Yet, at the same time, the best of us are decreasing in population and the dumbest humans multiply. The rich, powerful, and educated are decreasing! White Americans, Western Europeans, Russians, and Japanese/S.Koreans will become a minority and cease to exist because there are more old people dying and less babies being born.

      Everybody keeps talking about how the rich has most of the wealth…no sh*t McFly! For every person that is trying to stay out of trouble and succeed, there are like 80 idiots who have no financial stability and pumping out babies.

      No wonder why the rich are trying to find a new planet to live on because Planet Earth is going to become a sh*thole planet.


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    Maybe this is hell and we just don’t realize it. There is a lot of evil in this world.

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    But what is our next form of evolution? Merging ourselves with artificial intelligence?

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      I’m thinking the next form of evolution would be to upload our minds to the internet and eventually we just exist and can “project” a physical body anytime and anywhere we want, but then again, isn’t that what is happening here. Hmm.

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    The Khardashev Scale explained

    We are currently at a type 0.72 at the levels of planetary energy we can create from our host star (the sun) and predictions that we can reach a type 1 civilization in 100-200 years according to the video.  A type 2 civilization can harness the full energy of the sun. Introduction to the Dyson Sphere if you’re curious.

    How far do you think we can reach before civilization meet it’s makers?


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      Yes, humans will explore the universe and get energy from the sun and stars..and possibly other in the universe. Something that coal miners don’t get..

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      I had full confidence in you until the last sentence.  Coal mining is part of the beginning of evolution of energy exploration.  With heat comes power, yes we agree as dirty as it may seem but these men and women provided to us what we take for granted.  Coal mining is a resource that is very inefficient but got us by until the 21st century advances of nuclear fusion. Instead of frowning upon them, you should be applauding them for your existence. Let me guess, you drive a gasoline driven car?

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      I’m not knocking on the history of how coal mining was beneficial for society. I’m knocking down on people who hold on to something that is old, dying, and not looking into the future. VHS and CDs was the bomb back in the days, but nowadays, the future is downloading/streaming technology. Coal miners now are like people in the music industry who blames piracy for low sales…when in actuality, people didn’t want to go to the store and buy a whole CD full of songs they didn’t like.

      Retail stores have been important to our society…but in the future, nobody is going to waste their time going to store and search around for products. In the near future, drones and self driving vehicles will come to your home and deliver products.


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    I think when we die we inherited all the learned experiences of our past lives and evolve spiritually into the next life and beyond if we’ve reached that point.

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