Everybody think I don't like Khmer girls…

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    It’s not that I don’t like Khmer girls…it’s just that almost all of them have children by 25 … I don’t like single mothers.

    Is there anything that you can think of that is not as it seems? For example, a lot of people say whites are racist for not wanting their kids to integrate with black students. I realize that it’s not that they’re racist….but it’s that their parents don’t want their kids to be around very uneducated kids. I personally feel this way as well. I don’t have kids, but when I see all these recent immigrants who are coming form dirt poor countries and are extremely uneducated…do I want my kids to be around them? It’s nothing against them personally. For myself, I grew up in the hood and almost all of my peers are losers. They have 1+ kids by 25, working low level jobs, drop out of community college, etc.

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    Polin Hem

    i dont trust niggas who dont have a name or a pic to go with that nonsense you be spewing

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    If you don’t like single mothers, then you hate women! Single mothers need love too. Just admit you hate women in general.

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      It’s not hate. I don’t want to take care of somebody’s kid. I’m also not inspired by women who don’t have their sh*t together. Young women in their late teens and early 20s should be focusing on education, developing a skill, and competing for jobs. They shouldn’t be pumping out babies and relying on government assistance. I heard a old Khmer neighbor of mine just had a kid..she’s like 17!

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