Eastern Conference Finals

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    I decided not to do any overtime tonight so I could watch the basketball game.  I don’t usually watch basketball, but had some free time and decided to tune in before the Raptors won the semi-finals.  I am regretting that decision because Game 2 has been disappointing for the Raptors.

    The team is missing too many shots.  They’re down by major double digits, at one point down about 28 points.  On the other side, the Bucks are sinking a lot of 3’s.  I am tempted to go pass my disappointment at the casino, but being disciplined about it.

    Last night’s game of the Western Conference was more exciting.  Both teams had major momentum and it was a good battle.

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    I don’t like watching many sports…basically just watching a bunch of future bankrupt black dudes run around.

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      Yet they’ll make more in their life than you ever will. #livindadream

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      That’s true, but most of them will go bankrupt, struggle in life, and will have a lot of problems. They spend so much of their money and lives paying off the hoes. That’s the role model that so many Americans and children look after…..because they’re good at a sport. I personally don’t watch it because it does not benefit me. Guys running back on court or making more money than me does not benefit me. Now..imagine the average American who makes less than $18 watching sports…where’s the win in that?

      Side note: Prostitutes also make more money than most people..but most of them have nothing.

      If you could only see the part where people make money, then you miss half of the story.

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