Drug Culture

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    Why is it a lot of the Khmer population be doing drugs?  I smoke but thats about it.  I hardly drink either except in social situations.

    I tried cocaine lastnight and there was nothing to it.  I feel the same.  I feel a bit of the crash afterwards though.  I don’t understand why some people be doing drugs everyday.  I’m going to stick to being clean and sober.

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    I think hard drugs is a problem in Cambodia, but not so with Khmer Americans. Khmer people might do weed, ecstasy, and drinking a lot, but not opiods, cocaine, heroin etc. I think Khmer people eat too much…they have more cookouts than other people. Aint no rain stop Khmer people from having a cookout.

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      here in Socal its an epidemic, just like hoes.

      the entire family be doing crystal meth – incl parents leaving it around for their kids to eventually try and get hooked

      problem is, even caught red-handed, they flat out deny it, saying its just a problem over in srok khmer or among kmao/sdek, not themselves, cause they only use it ‘lightly’, then eat – no, pig out – first thing in the morning and forget it ever happened..

      til the next time

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      Well, what I think is ironic is how so many Asian girls dye their hair blonde and name their kids western names…and then say “I’m not trying to be white”. Imagine if I made my hair nappy and used the name Jermaine.

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      most homeys tell me i should go lighter, and don’t like it when i Sun-In my hair only halfway to red. they don’t seem to understand with so much sun everyday, the hair just keeps getting lighter – but its a gradual process; you don’t want to overdue it straight to blonde cuz then after a month of sun its white! =/

      at the same time, most say they only hook up with brunettes or ones with highlights. that blondes (of whatever race/s) are HOES. but the problem is, there’s hoes of all colors nowadays and walks of life; most everybody is a dumb hoe, anyhoo!

      but yea, onlyabout half of kids/people are on drugs. like the AAA khmiga was tellin me, u aint guaranteed to score unless u bring HARD drugs to the date! ‘she don’t settle for no sra or gachaa!’ =/

      i’d have to agree nowadays nearly 100% people in the hood r either hoes and/or addicts, indeed; not just half.

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