Does the other person's pay or job matter in your relationship

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    To me, it does matter. I guess at least 50K and somebody who is education/career oriented. Somebody that is making something out of themselves. I know guys who make hundreds of thousands of dollars, and going for women who make 0-35k. These women literally milk these guys. I’m not saying a poor girl will always milk rich guys with money…but I personally would never put myself in that situation. A woman has to contribute financially if she wants a guy who is well off financially. She has to be able to take over if something happens to me. I hear that many women struggle financially after their husbands left or died because they just have no clue financially. After divorce, women suffer more because their income is lower and they are accustomed to a higher income lifestyle. And guys are less likely to bother when them since they older.

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    It doesn’t matter to me. I have no problem being the sole breadwinner (Asian: rice winner?).

    I’d much rather work while she stays at home take care of the house and kids. I don’t mind holding down two jobs so that she can live comfortably at home.

    If she wants to go to school, that is fine. When she’s done school, I’d much rather have her work for me and we’ll likely start a family business together.

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      I could be wrong..but you sound like one of those jealous guys that don’t want your girl around men at work.

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      Nope, not even.  I just prefer her at home with the kids or us doing family business, where she can have the kids around while working.  There’s no sense in both of us working when I’m already capable of supporting the family on my own.  I care about the kids first and foremost and don’t want to depend on daycare.  You can never trust or know or who’s taking care of your kids at daycare.

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    It matters to me. This isn’t just about finance. We both should be able to hold a job and know how to be a homemaker interchangeably too. Maybe that’s why it works out with my bf and not with anyone else. If I’m capable of going to school, work, and take care of household duties, then I’d expect the same for him. We both expect a partnership and not a freeloader.

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    nope not at all.. but their lifestyle and expenses versus assets are paramount!

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    Absolutely not, if she has other positive qualities to contribute to the relationship, I would have no qualms being in a relationship with her. There should be a basis of similarities, but the differences should be enough to be able to fill all the voids to help complete our oneness, our union.

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