Do you write?

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    When I was locked up, I wrote to my girl.  She ended up writing back to me; however, due to her circumstances she wasn’t able to mail it to me while I was locked up (she ended moving to another place after she received my letter and didn’t have time to mail it).  She gave me her letter when I got out of jail and texted her.  She was happy to get the message from me.  She had thought I ghosted her.  The crappy part about Canadian jails is that you can’t call collect to cell phones.  I ended up writing to a few people.  My mom wrote me back and she got a landline hooked up after she got my letter.

    I enjoy writing because it allows me to express to my girl that I would normally not be able to express to her casually.  Writing is definitely more formal.  I think the things I tell her on paper are things I want her to know about, but don’t have the chance to tell her in person to avoid awkward moments (especially when you haven’t known each other long enough).  I ended up writing her a 6-page letter (front&back) in response to her letter.  This is not something I have ever done with anybody else, but I enjoy it.

    Have you or do you keep connected through letters?  Not even talking about e-mails now.  I find e-mails have too much business connotations connected to it.

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    Write to take notes. I prefer typing.

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