Do You Feel Like There Is Somebody Standing Behind You?

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    I keep looking over my shoulders.

    I keep thinking there is somebody standing behind me.


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    Are you doing something wrong or not being productive? When I had a job where I was not doing much, I was worried about people looking behind me.

    Living a fake lifestyle? People who live on credit and pretend to be rich are paranoid about keeping their story.

    Somebody did something to you in the past that makes you feel you have to be cautious?

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    I was at work that day and decided to skip Lunch and Break altogether.  I took my lunch break but I stayed at my desk.

    It was eerily quiet. My boss and our production manager and a few other people from upper management always take lunch together.

    For whatever reason as I was browsing my phone, I kept looking over my shoulder because I felt like there was somebody standing there. My desk is exposed toward a long hallway and I’m at the very end of it. My back is turned toward the wall. The hallway is L-Shaped.

    At the end of that hallway is the restroom and the entrance into the production  floor.  In between are a conference room and a storage room and then there is the janitorial room and an empty office room that has been turned into an extra storage room.

    The conference room are mainly used by supervisors to interview people.  There is a bigger conference room on the upper floor.

    I have a measly desk area jutted up against the wall where I mainly file reports about defective products, returned products, items… I keep track of all of it.  There is a little room next to my desk where I store all of those said items. In addition, I also act as a secondary customer service when certain questions are required of my assistance. I’m constantly on the phone with various departments.

    I wanted to reverse my desk so I can see down the hallway but there was no feasible space to where I was allowed such a thing.  Next to me is an old lady who does clerical works. She has already retired but she loves working so she does it part time. Four hours out of a day.

    That afternoon before I clocked out for the day, I was on the phone with a customer who was asking questions about warranty, or a replacement unit and I kept looking over my shoulder because I thought somebody was standing there behind me. There is always that looming presence of something always standing there.

    It actually happened awhile back while I was totally immersed in inspecting a defective model and my manager was standing there talking to me and I thought he was talking to somebody else. He had to call out my name a couple times before I realize he was talking to me.

    People usually stop and start up small talks in the hallway.

    I guess it’s because there are so much traffic behind me that I constantly have to turn around and look whenever I hear footsteps , or people coming up the hallway or people standing around talking.

    Everybody who walks by, I have to turn around and look to see who it is.   If you do this for two years straight, it really does make you look over your shoulders. Sometimes, there are people there and sometimes there aren’t.

    Out of habits, I think.

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    Then it’s because of traffic behind you and out of habit..completely make sense. I use to live in a bad neighborhood and i use to always had to look at my stuff because people steal a lot. Then when i moved out, i lived in a place where people put things down and walk away. I kept that habit for years.

    This is a good story because environment play a huge role in how we live our lives. Take somebody out and they will react to their new environment the same way they did with the old.

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    Reminds me of riding the subway back in 90s to college (nyu).. esp in the morning, trains would be packed and mostly latino dudes would try to take advantage of the situation and graze their kdaw rung against u from behind, unless u move to an different spot or car!

    Ditto for first couple urban workplaces on Wall St near WTC.. boss would often have porn on his desktop in plain view, and would come up from behind and flick his tongue against my earlobe grab at my behind and ask whats for lunch .. no sank u!

    Many ppl are like demonically infested or something, seriously; is it somethin in the air? Since 9/11 would never ever work in corporate setting again. Such fake jobs, anyway. Do what u love!

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      I notice that black and latina women are often on guard and I could understand because they’re from a very bad background. White women seem to be cool and I think it’s funny how a lot of white guys would just leave their iphones or mac and just walk away. Must be nice to live in a world where people don’t steal from you.

      Every community is different. What I feel with Khmer people is that we’re very competitive towards each other and always looking for ways to look down on each other. I don’t take what I experience with Khmer people to other people though.

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    Always look behind you because you’ll never know who is creeping up when you’re back is turn.



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