Commitment Issues

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    She had suggested a few years that we get married, but I was off in my own world. Seeking out relationships, but fearing commitment. I know a lot of other guys like that too. When it comes to spending the rest of our lives with just one person it becomes a challenge in itself.

    Anyway, I’m turning 35 this year and decided to respond to her suggestion. She waited for me all these years, gave me time to grow up. I will cherish her and keep her close to my heart.

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    There’s no such thing as being afraid of commitment. It’s just BS that women often like to feed men to get them to propose. When you meet a woman that makes your heart beat..that you truly care for, you will try to snatch her as soon as possible and make her your wife! Unfortunately, there are so many desperate women out there that will brainwash men and pressure them..but I ask all women….don’t! There is no such thing as a man that is scared of only means that he’s not interested in you.

    The reason why it’s hard for guys to fall in love is that most women are a bunch of ccksuckers. They go around scking penises..and then a guy is supposed to fall in love with them? Most women rather settle for men they don’t like and suck their weiners..than to wait a few years for the right guy to come along.

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    ‘commitment issues’ is such a cliche catchphrase nowadays, just like adultery isn’t even grounds for divorce anymore in today’s fallen, hellish humanity. #nextbestthing

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      Women rarely leave men for cheating. The main reason for divorce is money. Women will leave if they see themselves financially threaten or if they could financially benefit if they divorce. For example, a man get caught in a sex scandal and the woman may leave…not because he cheated, but because the sex scandal hits him financially. Her best bet is to divorce and take the largest payment she can at that time…rather than risk following him down the hard times. Other women would stay because they benefit financially and would lose financially if they left. When men start to lose money, women will leave!

      So that’s one reason why it’s hard for men to commit. How many men can honestly say the women they are with would follow them down to poverty? When women pressure men…it means they are benefiting financially somehow. Even women in the ghetto do this…they get pregnant so that they can either hook the man up for child support…or get government assistance. They’ll get pregnant by some loser and will kick him to the curb after they get pregnant to get government assistance. Many times, they don’t even know who the fathers are…doesn’t matter…they get government assistance.


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