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    So i just started working for honda here in November.  Gotta say moving from customer service to sales is quite the difference. I feel as I’m getting it, definitely is alot more work and effort put in. But getting use to the monthly pay is a bit tolling. But there are endless possibilities. Friend has taken home 16k in a month so that’s definite motivation . Who wouldn’t want 16k in a month.


    But definitely a different environment.. gonna have your ups and downs as well as gotta plan out things alot more. But its an interesting experience learning the ropes and tieing my customer service background to sales which has allowed me to sell quite a bit more than most newbies.

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    Nice, congrats bro. My brother has been in sales with Toyota for well over 20 years now. He’s doing great. Build your clientele and advertise when and where you can. Wish I known you were at Honda. My coworker just bought her CRV. I’ll recommend anyone else looking for a Honda your way bro. Again, congrats and good luck on your endeavors.

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    Wishing you the best in Sales!

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      Thanks chanrith i appreciate it. And thanks noob. Lol its definitely different but loving it so far. The hardest thing is getting clientele especially when your new but as far as ive been told im doing good

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    I had an interview at a local Honda Shop to do online marketing for them.  I also had an interview to sell cars for a local Toyota dealership.  I didn’t land either.  However, I do have sales experience in other industries.  Yes, sales is cyclical and there is a sales process.  Some days/week/months will be better than others.  Keep yourself motivated and you’ll do well.

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    You might find this video helpful:

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    Good luck in everything man! I’ll have to drop by your spot so that i can get that bestfriend discount.  ?

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    I don’t mean to be a party pooper…but it takes a kind of person to be a car salesman and they have bad reputations. I have one co-worker who was a salesman for a short while but he had to stop because he just couldn’t do what he was doing everyday and sleep well at night.

    That being said, I think that it’s harder to change careers today. Most entry level jobs now are gotten through connections or through internships. Many people hate their jobs and want to do something else, but they are too proud to take lower level jobs to gain entry into a new field.

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      Oh i agree. Its hard to be that pushy kinda person which is frowned from managment. Lol. But i always get the customer compliments about not being a typical salesmen. Idk myself I’ve been thinking if its right for me. Still working but who knows havent fully decided

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