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    I feel burn out.  I don’t want to go to work anymore.  Maybe I should switch jobs lol

    I was doing fine when I did 16 extra hours of overtime two weeks ago.  It wasn’t until I return to my regular schedule that I felt burned out.

    Having that extra day during the week to unwind made me feel sick.  I might be better off regularly doing 6 days/week of work so I don’t hit a snag when my schedule changes.

    How often do you feel burned out at work?

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    Don’t burn yourself out.  It takes conditioning of the body to work many amount of hours.  Take care of your body and get the right calories in your system. After the 50th hour, your body will go into autopilot mode and what you eat will be your brain fuel. When going into 80 plus hour weeks just remember to pace yourself and know your body chemistry.  Being tired shouldn’t be in your vocabulary and just remember the reasons why you do it anymore.  Is it for you, for your company or for your family.  Or maybe you shouldn’t work that many hours at all.

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      It’s for me and my family.  In the process it ends up being for my company as well.  The company offers overtime to cover the workload, I need overtime to pay my bills and save up for marriage.

      I’m saving $1000/month for my wedding right now.  Plus $731/month for debt consolidation.  And I’m hoping to do an extra 24 hours of overtime a week to cover all my expenses.  Everything looks good on paper, it’s all now a matter of execution.

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      I know that many women will get upset with me…but why save up for a wedding? I know that most women are obsessed with showing off that one day to the world, but instead…why not save up for the marriage? Most people live paycheck to paycheck and half of older people will retire into poverty…..that wedding cost would help a lot over the lifetime of the marriage. Eventually half of people will divorce anyways…over money. Maybe that money saved from weddings could have helped the marriage??

      Everybody is too focused on spending money on a wedding..and spending money to look like they are having a great marriage on facebook. It’s really the everyday stuff and sacrifices that couples make that keep marriages today.

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    Don’t work more hours to make more money, but make more money in an hour.

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