Buddhism: Samsara – Nirvana (YT)

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    I’m a Buddhist, but I believe Khmer people and people in general don’t know how to use it. A common criticism of Buddhism is that the people give up on their current lives and are so focused on the next lives or Nirvana. They think that by doing charity, they will become rich the next life, but they don’t think as much about studying and strategizing now to become rich in the next few years. They don’t focus on how to achieve realistic short term and long term goals in this life, so they don’t do practical things to achieve their goals. Instead, they dumb it down to things anybody can do to going to the temple, offering food to the monks, giving a few dollars to charity, etc. They do a little thing and expect big results in the next life.

    I’m not judging Buddhism, but the people who “practice” it. To me, if you want to be rich in the next life, you have to live a good honest life….but you have to try to become rich in this life. If you die stupid and poor…there’s no reason to believe that you’ll born rich and smart in the next life. The next life is just a continuation of your last few years on earth.

    If you want something in the next life, you have to try to achieve it in this life.


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    ^well said; may we practice what we ‘PREAcH’, indeed!

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