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    I had the best interview with an airline agency today.  Training starts in March in Montreal and they cover the cost of the flight, hotel and accommodations.  It sounds like an amazing experience.  My interviewer mentioned they recently flew someone from California down to Montreal for training.  I feel so blessed.  One more round then it should be good.

    I got to thinking how this makes perfect sense.  The owner of Bentley Records also is CEO of an airline company.

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    Good luck! We all need to keep moving forward and take the next step. Otherwise, we’re just leaving money on the table. I just got a new job too..and it’s really amazing how so many people aren’t happy about I notice that going up or down the ladder, you’ll lose many friends and upset people along the way. A lot of people don’t like to see others succeed.

    Good luck, and if you get the job, congratulate. If you don’t…don’t worry, you’ll probably get a better one. Failure and continuous effort breeds success.



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      Thanks, bruh for those words.

      And I always have this gig for now…

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    Good luck and positive vibes

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      Thanks man.  I love the good vibes.  Keep it real!

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    OK, Update!

    On Thursday I had a 2 hour interview with 4 different people from the company.  Each interviewer spent half an hour talking to me and asking me situational questions.  The questions were mainly scenario based, such as “describe a time when you made a mistake and how did you fix it” or “describe a time when you thought outside of the box to solve a problem for the company.”

    They hit me with so many questions, but I kept out-talking the situation.  I’m hoping I impressed them at least with my answers.  That’s like being in a plane flying from Ontario to the East Coast and talking non-stop.

    I thought it was a unique experience and hoping I hear back from them soon.  The last interviewer did say he was going to reach out back to me soon, so I’m taking that as a good sign.  On top of that, their app kept crashing on me, but after the interview, I removed the app and re-installed and now it’s working fine.  I take that as a really good omen.

    Final round is a direct interview with the CEO of the company.

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