Being an Artist…(Venting)

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    I’m not sure if there’s any artists here, but do you guys ever had issues of people requesting free art? Or they would give you a task to do like as if you have nothing else to do with your life than to fulfill their request? 😡

    Okay, I don’t think you have to be an artist to experience something like this. You could be skilled in certain thing, and just because they know you can do it, they’d expect for you to do it for them. So annoying.

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    Most people are looking to take advantage of each other. Especially with tech people as that is what’s in demand right now. When it’s near tax time, people do so with tax people. Men always complain that woman use them for money…but men are no different. Men are constantly chasing after other men so that they can make more money. Most people, unfortunate, I believe are looking to gain from each other.

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