ANTI-Bucket List?

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    List places you never visit or ate from that seems everyone else does!

    • EUROPE no sank q! esp London or  Germany.. obviously; same goes for DC, actually
    • ‘NORTH KOREA’ whatta fake N.I.P proxy of NWO  (who are they kiddin, Dennis Rodman?)

    • MOON, MARS, etc (NASA, FakeX; take a hit from Challenger hoax & a lieN.. total sham!)

    • BARS (still never been in any sort of bar, club, etc.. ever; seen too many demons in front)

    • HOOTERS (see above)


    • WHITE CASTLE (tasted burgers from a friend’s order though, vomited; were like meatballs in tiny muffins!)

    • DENNY’S, 5 GUYS, etc

    TGIFS, OUTBACK, etc. pretty much anywhere that is meat-based would not approach with a 10ft pole, anyways.


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    Statue of Liberty…like really…who gives a fck! There’s a lot of pressure for people to go on vacations to certain places like Paris, Niagra Falls, NYC, etc. I just don’t care for the most part and when I do, I don’t want to explain it to people. People have to tell others and post it on facebook…but the greatest feeling to me is that I did something..and I don’t have to tell anybody. I also don’t want to spend the money. People are always like “you should go there”….why don’t they shut the fck up..I’m not spending my money to go places I don’t care for where i’ll be sleeping half of the time. f*ck you!


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