Adding Turbo to Your Car

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    How difficult is it to add a turbo kit to your car?  I’m seriously considering one, but I don’t want to go through a shop to add it on.  It must be something that I can do myself.  Judging by the turbo kit, it can get a bit complicated.  Have you tried adding turbo to your car?

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    First things first, have you ever changed your oil or tire?

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      Well no, I’ve never done an oil change myself. But I can easily change a tire, brakes and rotors.

      I did watch the tutorial video on adding turbo to the car and it’s too damn complicated. They ended up having to sand their part and it still wouldn’t fit.

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      If your “Check Engine” light has ever came on and you don’t know how to turn it off, this kit job wouldn’t be for you since it involves the status of the intake and exhaust sensors to tell your fuel injectors to open/close. I wouldn’t recommend you doing it yourself if you’ve never changed your own oil.

      Few things to keep in mind is oil has to have lines to and from the turbo to keep it spooling and spin flawlessly and with the high rate of spin. The incoming air has to be cooled with an intercooler placed near or under the radiator to cool the air into the intake. To add to it, you’ll need to tune your ECU to have the proper air/fuel ratio and since the air is forced into the intake manifold now to create more horsies, more fuel needs to accommodate the aspiration.

      The turbo is spun by the exhaust with a wall inside the turbo unit not to put the used exhaust fume back into the engine and the harder you accelerate spins it faster and of course your car will simply go faster. It’s fun talking about but I’d recommend having machining and welding knowledge on top of the basics since you might run into some exhaust placement issues since the vendors sometimes like to make kits for one size fits many vehicles and model years.

      I don’t know much about gasoline turbo charged cars but I’ve changed and replace my fair share on heavy duty diesel trucks which run on the same concept.

      This guy installs the basics on a civic and he does run into problems but the price to performance ratio is well worth the work involved.


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    Ebay bolt on turbo kits… good luck buddy

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