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    Zero Numbers

    Does the fact that there aren’t any moderators employed outside of ownership or administration hinder the potential of the forum? I think it is. Plus, I’m seeing threads or posts that lead to quarrel or invite toxicity. Making things look like the comments section on Youtube.

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    If you are referring to the roasting on the Rap Prophecy forum, that would be the one of few that should be exempt.  Yes it does need a little desensitization to understand that disrespecting is what makes it going, find the Roasts of celebrities online and it becomes no holds barred. We go all out but if a subject does become sensitive and needs review, maybe we need to tone it back a little.  Let us know if we went too far on our roasts and we’ll peel it back a little.

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    It worked for youtube…right? LOL! People would go back and forth on youtube…and 2 people would be going to a video like 20 times.

    This is my opinion. Khmer people don’t think of each other as cool. They rather be on a cool American platform. Or some of the girls maybe on them kpop sites and hopefully snatch some S.Korean guy. There’s really not much that you can bring Khmer people together…besides being Khmer. And seriously…a lot of Khmer American girls just don’t like Khmer guys from Cambodia and Asian guys from Asia in general. Even if some of these girls crush on kpop stars…when they get with a Korean guy…it’s the same because at the end of the day, he’s a fob.

    A bum Asian American guy to most Asian women is more attractive than an educated Asian fob.


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    fuck that mod shit. wild wild west up in this bich. plus its fun to come on this website and make fun of the trolls.

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    Zero Numbers

    No one wants to see drama or people being immature.

    That’s why this place has struggled time and time again.

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      I see your point, but not many Khmers are going to go to a website to just deal with other Khmers. Most Khmer people I believe already live around other Khmer and they can communicate through facebook. For a Khmer site to thrive, I believe there has to be something more than just being Khmer. Could be a charity thing..but most likely music..and the likes….but that’s cornered by youtube now.

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    when this place gets bigger I’m sure we’ll need a mod here and there

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    good points

    ego is ‘demonstrably’ toxic;

    whilst self moderation key to.. Life


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    Zero Numbers

    Touching on the earlier points. Youtube is poisonous. They hire people to have accounts to carry out agendas that those in power have. To sway public opinion. Basically serving as shills. There are government and corporate shills. The content creators on Youtube can choose to disable or approve the comments they want to be seen. A lot more people just allows whatever comments to be on their video to gain views. Because they want the views. Why you see those madness there.

    Khmer people are on other places because there are other things to see? The guys go on the K-pop sites too, to check out model or singer Korean girls. Those places have more appeal. But even those places have their faults or shortcomings.

    It’s not that Khmers don’t think as other Khmers as cool or don’t want to be around them. A lot of BS drives members away. As far as what a site needs to thrive, it’s definitely not going to be politics. Because those get boring real fast.

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      I’m not saying that guys don’t go to kpop sites. I’m just giving an example, but at the same time, S.Korean guys have a “cooler” factor to them. Right now, based on the fake sh*t they see online, women around the world prefer S.Korean guys and go to S.Korean in hope of meeting a S.Korean guy. Nobody really goes to N.Korea or Cambodia for guys.

      The reality of the world is that some nationalities dominate over others. As much as I love to work with my people…I know that if I saw a bunch of Indians, Whites, and Eastern Asians walking a certain way…I’m going to follow them because I know that’s where the opportunities are.

      Look at this way…is there is a direct connection between the US and Cambodia and for one month, anybody can go either way but after one month, you have to stay on one side. What you think is going to happen? You would see an influx of Khmer women mating with any random American dude so they can have kids or get some financial support to survive in America. You would see so many Khmers…could be most..probably a good half leave Cambodia.

      To me, I don’t deny this reality. Instead of denying it, I do what I can do to be a superior male so that I can be competitive and attract females. On the other hand, I see so many dudes let other guys dominate over them. Having less education, low pay, and working for the man. You come to the richest country on earth..get your money! I know people who have to work when they’re told and can’t even take a sh*t until they’re allowed to.

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