60% Khmers Have Gambling Disorder; HIghest Rate in America

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    “Studies have identified higher rates of gambling and problem gambling among Asian subgroups, such as Southeast Asian and Cambodian refugees in the U.S., who reported rates of gambling disorder as high as 59%” 

    it’s weird the article singles out Cambodians as having the highest gambling problem rate of all, not even mentioning any any other southeast asian groups! whyyy? =/

    Gambling Disorder Rate in US Ethnic Groups

    Latinos : 0.3%

    National Average: 1.5%

    Blacks: 2.2%

    Native Amerindians: 22%

    Khmers: 59%

    heavy alcohol and illicit drug use are cited as the main 2 co-factors.

    apparently cambodian-americans’ gambling epidemic is talked about in sok khmai news, but not US:

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    Not surprisingly since most Khmer people seem to gamble with their kids’ future. Growing up, it always seemed like a problem. Khmer people go to the casinos in droves like Chinese people go to college…like the Japanese ship out Toyotas. They bet on sh*t that they’re not even interested in. For example, the game would be on tv, and they’re gone out to eat. Going to the casino Khmer family fun time.

    Though I see it a lot, I could never really judge as it’s really a personal thing. How much you spend on it is not obvious. It’s more obvious when Mommy and Daddy drives Acura and Caddillac, but work in factory while daughter has 3 kids by 25.

    Khmer parents rather take their kids to casino than to show up at pta meetings or visit colleges. The thing about PTA and visiting college is that all you have to do is show up and smile…don’t have to say anything. When I was growing up, I remember when report card came around, the parents had to go to pick it up at pta night..and most of the Khmer parents didn’t show up. Fast forwards and look at those kids now! The’re literally at the bottom of society. Parenting is very important because most successful people have strong parental support.

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    I also have to add. I remember at the bus station, everybody gets up and are traveling to work. Then I saw lines of older Khmer people getting on the Chinese casino bus. Khmer people love throwing their money away to make casinos, Toyota, Honda, and Mercedes rich.

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    in summary:

    • khmer-americans as a group have the lowest income in america to begin with!
    • yet 60% are gambling whatever little they do earn away at casinos, underground cambo lotto, etc more wayyy more than any other group in america

    • any $ left after gambling, is not invested in bank nor education, but immediately spent on trying to keep up with payments on luxury-looking vehicles.

    wtf is really going on, people?! =/





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      You have to consider the fact that many Khmer people also work jobs that are under the table, like farm work or in restaurants. It’s not permanent employment, but these jobs provide a steady income stream.

      The figures you hear about are for reported income from traditional jobs. There is an underground economy and Khmer people are taking advantage of it.

      I don’t see much of what you talk about in my hood though. We live in a nice middle class neighbourhoods as do most other Khmer people in the city. The Khmer people most closest to me are all buying homes for their growing families.

      I’ll probably stay away from gambling for a while though. I’m trying to save up for a wedding and school.

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      It’s true that many Khmer people work under the table, while getting government assistance. There are Khmer people who have businesses..the mother works at the front, while collecting government assistance, and the kids get free health care. Most Khmer people don’t marry legally because Khmer girl pretend to be single mother and father don’t have to pay for health insurance and other bills…he drives a Lexus. At the end of the day, many Khmer people are actual making more money than white people in the middle class.

      The problem is that it’s not honest money! They’re creating bad karma for themselves and will have to answer for all the cheating they been doing after they die. For me, that’s not something I want to bet on! The other thing is that they’re attached to the ghetto. They have to pretend to the government that they are poor, while pretend to be rich to other Khmer people.

      It’s also true that some Khmers become better, move to the suburbs, etc. These Khmers mix with other races and are not really the future of Khmer Americans. They usually given up on Khmer people… I feel like I’m heading this way because I can’t seem to meet a decent Khmer girl who hasn’t had 2 kids by 25. Almost everything I do, Khmer people don’t follow. You want higher education, study, build a good career….most Khmer people don’t follow that path. On the other hand, a guy I know commits crime and is awaiting deportation…he speaks very good Khmer because in prison, there are many Khmers.



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      And to add..all that cheating only works in countries like America…but take America out, you get countries like Cambodia. If everybody is cheating each other, you get Cambodia. Cheating by Khmer people in America is a very small minority of people…but those minority represent the whole country in Cambodia.

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    Did you guys even read the article?  It’s based on New Jersey.  And they sampled “Asian/Other”  .. they didn’t single out cambodians, they mentioned in the intro about the limited studies on asians and gambling and they referenced a couple older articles out already.

    You left out an important detail when you copied and pasted the intro section. “In the U.S., studies have identified higher rates of gambling and problem gambling among Asian subgroups, such as Southeast Asian and Cambodian refugees in the U.S., who reported rates of gambling disorder as high as 59% (Petry et al. 2003) and 13.9% (Marshall et al. ), respectively. 

    Petry’s article dating back in 2003 reviewed South east asians particularly Laotians, Cambodians, and Vietnamese at a Casino in Connecticut.  N=96. The lifetime prevalence of pathological gambling was 59 percent. Rates of gambling problems did not differ across the three ethnic groups. However, being male, divorced or separated, and younger were significant predictors of pathological gambling. More than half of all the respondents had gambled within two weeks of the interview, and 42 percent had wagered more than 500 US dollars in the previous two months.”

    Marshall’s article dating back in 2009 studied specifically Cambodians in Long Beach. N = 127.  13.9% of participants met screening criteria for lifetime disordered gambling, in contrast to previous research suggesting that prevalence rates may exceed 70%. After adjusting for a range of covariates, breadth of trauma exposure and marital status emerged as significant predictors of disordered gambling.”


    I don’t know how you arrived at your numbers overall…saw nothing in that article in the OP about native amerindians.

    Overall, the numbers are still bad but do your homework.

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      That’s pretty bad when they say “Southeast Asian and Cambodian refugees in the U.S.”. They say SE Asian because they’re on the fence about other SE Asians…..Vietnamese I’m sure got gambling problems, but they also excel in America. They wrote Cambodian because they’re sure…lol. I walk by this Vietnamese girl at work and she’s a senior software engineer…and there are plenty of Vietnamese sluts….but how many times you hear of a Khmer girl being anything in technology? The most most Khmer girls have to do with technology is buying an iphone to look rich and watching dramas on their tablets.

      I job hopped and contracted quite a bit and been to many companies…Khmer people aren’t in many of these companies. One Khmer girl, she was rich, but that’s only because she got this low wage job, but got with one of the higher ups. I know this other Khmer girl and she was hooking up with the vice president and travel around the world with him. Khmer girls typically move up by sleeping with men of power. The rest are just on the system.

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