2019: The Year of Changing Perceptions

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    Let’s be honest, every year perception changes.  Humanity discovers new facts, new things are invented and people experience new things.  It’s a cycle that works great at keeping the economy tugging along.  With the economy in mind though, my hope this year is for a changing perception of the business world within the Khmer community.

    I’m a product of the global community and more inherently a by-product of the Khmer community.  Having grown up and associated with many Khmer people, including my own family members, I developed thoughts, ideas, actions and perceptions regarding all aspects of life.  Business has always been a critical aspect of life for me, but for me, fighting the perception of the business world has been a great challenge to overcome in itself.

    It’s not until I got myself heavily involved in the business world, that I began to realize that there’s more action and excitement in business than most people make there out to be.  For me though, making business more exciting is still a great challenge.  The most depressing part is when I’m stuck writing a business plan and I feel like my life energy is draining from my body.  I try to spice things up by adding gaming elements into the plan.  Add some gaming terms and the business plan jumps to life.  I survive another day of writing this business plan.

    I’d like the Khmer community to realize how important the business community is to the population.  It’s easy to assume that business people are beings without feelings or emotions and that everything with operating a business is cut and dry.  However, the business world has changed.  Things like social and environment responsibility has been thrown into the mix.  To successfully run and operate a business in this day in age with the changing tides of opinions is not an easy task.  And all businesses must plan to succeed or else they’ll be doomed to failure.

    I’d also like Khmer people to consider business as part of their social life.  But the challenge still for me is how to make business more social.  How do you make business more exciting?  I could probably spend days brainstorming for ideas on how to achieve this feat, but at the end of the day, it all begins with the individual perception.  So, let’s start off the new year with a clean slate and let’s all try to operate and aim to be like successful organizations!

    If you’re still fighting the business blues, you’re not alone!  We could possibly start a support group for this.

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