1 in 3 US Divorce Filings cite FB as reason

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    More than a third of divorce filings last year contained the word Facebook.

    Lawyers say the social network contributes to an increasing number of marriage breakups.

    Affairs happen with a lightning speed on Facebook.

    in summary, Facebook,FuckBook. et al!


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    No sh*t, McFly! What do you expect when people are friending hundreds of people from the opposite sex. They’re literally holding a list of past flames, “friendship”, co-workers, potential/future partner, etc. All it takes is for somebody to post something on their FB, and everybody gets the update, and make a comment. It starts with a comment to private messages. People literally do thing EVERYDAY FN day!

    Look at it this way. If your underage daughter had 600 adult male friends…you okay with that? You don’t think that any of them trying to f*ck her? Probably all of them are trying to. It’s the same thing on FB with the general population, but everybody is BSing it like the Catholic Church. Imagine your mother having 2000 male friends on facebook.

    And seriously, there are older Khmer people now messaging up old flings before the war broke out. Is that really something that people should be doing decades later? Move on people! Focus on your current family and their future. More people spending time on facebook destroying their lives than making it better.

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    yup like u may hav said elsewhere.. they put up with adultery, pedos, drugs, criminal activity, etc.. til perfect time to cash out on the separation for max profit

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      Women stick with men through the ups and down just as long the money is coming in. He can beat her or cheat on her..still with him. When the money is threaten, they cash out. When you have Jeff Bezos sending out d*ck pics, it’s time to cash out because that’s a sign he might be going through a lot of litigation which cost a lot of money and hurt the brand. Tiger Woods cheat every week, but when he get caught and his brand is hurt, his wife cashes out. Hillary Clinton would never leave Bill….but if Bill lost all his money and has to work at Burger King..you will see Hillary walk out. Trump’s wife stick with him no matter what..he can collude with Russia, side with white supremacy, and cheat on him with porn stars…she stay with him. If Trump’s net worth went down by 50% tomorrow, his wife would most likely leave, cash out half of what’s left to assure she won’t lose anymore.

      You can fck other women…but never fck with her money!

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