Who were Jayarajadevi & Indradevi?

by KhmerLife on Jun 22, 2020

Who were Jayarajadevi & Indradevi?

Queen Jayarajadevi and Queen Indradevi were sisters and quite possibly the most influential women of the Khmer Empire. Queen Jayarajadevi was the first wife of King Jayavarman VII and exerted an important influence on him both before and after taking the throne. Unfortunately Queen Jayarajadevi later died but was noted to be praised for her generosity with donating all of her property to the poor.

Queen Indradevi, who was Queen Jayarajadevi’s older sister, later married King Jayavarman VII. Queen Indradevi was a scholar and active professor who was appointed to teach at three temple schools where she regularly educated female students.

The right to education, property ownership, political power and public healthcare for men and women within the Khmer Kingdom can be attributed to both queens. Queen Jayarajadevi and Queen Indradevi were sculptured in three separate temples at Preah Khan, Bayon and Banteay Kdei and can still be seen at these temples to this day.

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