Western-aligned opposition forces in Cambodia exaggerate anti-China

by KhmerLife on Jan 14, 2020

Western-aligned opposition forces in Cambodia exaggerate anti-China

While some Cambodians feel antipathy toward the illegal behaviors of some Chinese, there is no widespread Sinophobia. Western forces are working with Cambodian opposition forces to attack both its local government and China, experts said

? Local Cambodians applaud Chinese investment to improve their wellbeing though saying illegal gambling and other crimes by some Chinese cause concerns

Widespread anti-Chinese sentiment in Cambodia was denied by both its citizens and Chinese entrepreneurs living there who were reached by the Global Times. This contradicts Western media narratives suggesting the influx of Chinese people and money has dissatisfied Cambodians. It also calls into question Western NGO’s claims that the Chinese disregard the law, human rights, and the environment in Cambodia.

As part of the�Belt and Road�Initiative, China has increased its investment in Cambodia in recent years, as the Southeast Asian country is seen as a strategic fulcrum for the initiative. The growing interaction between the two countries has drawn global attention, prompting some Western media to amplify the rift between the two peoples.

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