Volume up! Original music is making waves

by KhmerLife on Apr 04, 2019

Volume up! Original music is making waves

Are you a passionate musician who's looking for a place to learn and grow artistically? Your dream is bound to come true at the heart of Phnom Penh as The Sound Initiative - a vocational music education center - opens its doors for singers, songwriters and music producers who want to raise the bar of all-original Cambodian sound.

TSI was officially launched in 2018, with a kick-starter event that included some of the biggest names in the music sphere. Yes, we're talking about Laura Mam, Khmeng Khmer, Small World Small Band and other artists.

TSI provides a creative development programme to Cambodians aged between 18 and 30, and offer them an avenue to improve their skills in music and to prepare them in their musical journey. Applicants need to go through interviews before becoming a TSI member. At present, there are 15 young artists in the programme. They were picked out from about 150 applicants who all wanted to grab the opportunity to make a name in music.
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