Upholding Cambodian Families that are Impacted by Deportations

by KhmerLife on Mar 23, 2019

Upholding Cambodian Families that are Impacted by Deportations

Dear friends,

Our Khmer community is under attack by ICE. Our Khmer families are once again being targeted and forced apart in another series of raids that began early March, coming after folks with old convictions. Several of our community members across the country have been detained. We need to remain hopeful and come together to support each other and fight the injustices that aim to fracture our families and communities. We have a strong network of folks who are fighting to keep our loved ones home in the United States. Now, we are asking you for community support. The affected families are largely low income, struggling to make ends meet with the loss of an income, and cannot afford phone calls, commissary, or to visit family members detained. Please help by donating to the affected families who are so desperately trying to see their loved ones before they are deported. Please donate to our folks in detention centers that are trying to live on the hope they will be reunited with their loved ones.

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