The Last Reel – A groundbreaking movie from Cambodia

by KhmerLife on Apr 20, 2020

The Last Reel – A groundbreaking movie from Cambodia

A lost film Buried beneath the Killing Fields
Reveals different versions of the truth

Forty-five years ago this week, the Khmer Rouge captured Phnom Penh and plunged Cambodia into a genocide that would inflict untold damage on a country for generations.
Kulikar Sotho’s directorial debut, The Last Reel looks at the legacy of the trauma and terror that families suffered under the Khmer Rouge and the impact it has had on subsequent generations. The dark past is like a shadow that stalks the characters in this film. Parents are haunted by the horrors they witnessed and their children are unwittingly shaped by the psychological scars they bear. The Last Reel is an honest portrait of contemporary Cambodia, a country beautiful and beguiling, but home to a people in need of speaking, in need of sharing, in need of healing.

Please watch the Free-To-View link to The Last Reel, until the end of April, at:

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