The Amish tuk tuk drivers of Siem Reap? Whatever happened to them.

by KhmerLife on Feb 27, 2019

The Amish tuk tuk drivers of Siem Reap? Whatever happened to them.

Back in 2011, a reporter from the Phnom Penh Post was visiting Siem Reap when something strange caught his eye: two white guys driving tuk tuks. Southeast Asia Globe tracked down the boys of Coshocton, Ohio, to see what they've been up to since the Post interviewed them in a bar in Siem Reap

What started as a beautiful dream involving a pair of tuk tuks and the two American brothers who owned them - who happen to be members of the Amish Mennonite faith - has transformed into a mission to bring clean water to rural communities across Cambodia.

Sadly, what originally brought John and Ken Gingerich to the attention of Cambodians is no more. They first arrived in Siem Reap in 2010 as missionaries for their Sugar Creek Church back in the American Midwest to found a local chapter of the South East Asia Prayer Centre. Ken was 20 and John was just 16 at the time. After their church ran out of money for their mission in 2013, they sold their tuk tuks and returned to the US to work - and now that they're back, they credit those tuk tuks with helping them in their mission to gain converts to their faith and help their humanitarian efforts.
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