Support our Kun Khmer Fighters!

by KhmerLife on Apr 02, 2019

Support our Kun Khmer Fighters!

Support our Kun Khmer Fighters!

We met with Matias Andres, editor for One Championship, at the famous Keo Rumchong gym in Battambang. Keo Rumchong is one of Cambodia's most influential and respected fighters. We were fortunate enough to get to visit his gym and connect with Lok Kru (Keo Rumchong’s father) and his students as they train to condition themselves for their upcoming fights.

Support for the Kun Khmer sport is highly lacking within Cambodia but our fighters still perservere to keep the Kun Khmer art alive for the purpose of preserving Khmer cultural heritage and also make a small living to support their families. If you’d like to make a tax deductable donation to help support our Kun Khmer fighters please DM us for info.


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