KhmerLife Virtual Concert 2021

by KhmerLife on Mar 19, 2021

KhmerLife Virtual Concert 2021

When: April 17th, 2021 @ 2PM PT
Hosted by: DJ Hunny, Syz and the KhmerLife Team
Khmer Blessing Dance by: Sokphany Yim of Khmer Language Arts & Culture Academy in Tacoma, Washington
Artists lineup:

  • Sarah Rim from Seattle, Washington
  • KChoom from Seattle, Washington
  • Kid Cambo from Seattle, Washington
  • Vinlisa from New Orleans
  • Marques Angel from Stockton, California
  • Khmer Karen from Tennessee
  • MistaVireak/Jack Bandit/O.M.A. from Providence, Rhode Island
  • YT Hellakingin from San Jose, California
  • Bopha from Lowell, Massachusetts
  • Susie Seiko from Los Angeles, California
  • Ah Lop Boyz from Philly
  • SK iLLerest from from Providence, Rhode Island
  • Kronik from Seattle, Washington
  • Davey Tsunami from Seattle, Washington
  • Cambo Slice
  • Khmer God from Rhode Island
  • Khmer Karen/Badassvon – ?????????????????? (Romvong Chol Chnam Tmey)

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