Khmer Living: Early Stage

by KhmerLife on Jul 30, 2019

Khmer Living: Early Stage

Startups are making short and long-term lodging easier to find in Cambodia.

Whether in Singapore or Phnom Penh, humans tend to face similar problems throughout their lives. One question everyone has to solve is accommodation-a place you call home (and can afford to rent or buy).

Almost as important as having a roof to sleep under and food on your table is the need for entertainment and human connection. Every once in a while, you want people to applaud you for an achievement.

And a lot of this human problem-solving is happening online. We gain recognition from our peers when we tell them about our experience at a unique hotel on social media. When we move to a new city, we're likely going to look online for places to rent, whether that's a tiny townhouse or a city loft.

This is where modern proptech and holiday startups make things easier for you. And they are starting to come up in places like Cambodia, less known for its established startup scene.
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