HSU’s Joe Hoeup joining Cambodian national team

by KhmerLife on May 14, 2019

HSU’s Joe Hoeup joining Cambodian national team

Abilene, TX - Former Hardin-Simmons Cowboy point guard, Joe Hoeup, is preparing to join his new teammates on the Cambodian national basketball team.

Joe was recruited to join the team in the middle of this past season and is eager to represent the country of his heritage.

“Just knowing that I’ll be out of the country but I’ll be out of the country for a good reason and that’s playing for my bloodline’s country,” said Joe.

The team will compete in the Southeast Asian Games this summer in Malaysia.

His former head coach, Matt Brackett, can’t wait to see him continue his basketball career.

“Man it’s awesome I mean any chance you get to continue his playing career, you don’t get to do that. There’s a time when the ball stops bouncing and so if he can play as long as possible that’s great for him,” said Brackett.

Playing in front of an international audience gives Joe the opportunity to be seen by international scouts and could potentially lead to an international playing career.

But Joe’s motivation is more focused on using his talents as an example for the next generation.

“It’s more than basketball, just the opportunity for the youth to look up to me, not just any youth but that Cambodian youth. A lot of people don’t know about Cambodia, being able to be a person to look up to for the younger generation, I think that’s the most important part,” said Joe.

“I don’t think it’s impact that he can have I think it’s impact he will have on those kids they’re going to look up to him that’s just the type of person he is. Just a humble guy, great guy and a privilege to coach,” said Brackett.

Joe plans to post social media links as to where fans can watch his games.
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