Haunted Cambodia

by KhmerLife on Apr 25, 2019

Haunted Cambodia

I have never placed boots-on-the-ground in Cambodia, but I flew over Cambodia, when I was leaving Bangkok, Thailand. As I was looking at the rice fields of Cambodia from my plane going home, I couldn't help but think on how haunted Cambodia must be. Cambodia has a lot of history, a lot of horrific history. Over two million people died in the Killing Fields during the Khmer Rouge Regime.�
Cambodians have a strong belief in ghosts, in fact they will leave Spirit Boxes next to their front door. They will fill the Spirit Box with food and drink for wandering spirits that are hungry and thirsty. The food and drink for the spirits are to appease the spirits and allow them to keep on wandering and not enter their home. Cambodians have a holiday called Pchum Ben and that is when the Pchum Ben ghosts come out. The Pchum Ben Ghosts will arrive on the Pchum Ben holiday and hang out for 7 days. The Pchum Ben ghosts are recognized, due to their pinhole mouths.
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