From Graffiti Art to Khmer Renaissance – FONKi

by KhmerLife on Oct 15, 2019

From Graffiti Art to Khmer Renaissance – FONKi

Cambodian-Canadian artist FONKi subverts visual genres in his energetic quest for a Khmer revival. With another young visual artist, Ranon Phal, he’s giving Phnom Penh a major exhibition on November 8, 2019.

In his workshop high up an old building on a non-gentrified street of Phnom Penh, Fonki Yav aka FONKi recounts a short yet intense life from street art, which is discovered as a 15-year old teen in Montreal, to a novel exploration of the ancient art of Kbach, the Khmer design. From a childhood spent in France — where his parents fled the Khmer Rouge — and Canada to his decision to come back to his ancestors’ country starting from 2012.

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