Exclusive interview with US Ambassador Patrick Murphy

by KhmerLife on Feb 06, 2020

Exclusive interview with US Ambassador Patrick Murphy

Since taking office about five months ago, United States Ambassador Patrick Murphy has been working to improve relations between Cambodia and the US, which in the past has experienced tensions. One of his efforts is to encourage American companies such as Amazon, John Deere, and IBM to invest in Cambodia, especially its agricultural sector. But, is it the right decision? Khmer Times' COO Kay Kimsong has an exclusive interview with the US Ambassador about this issue.

KT: Can you give a brief insight about American companies and the agricultural sector in Cambodia?

Mr Murphy:�Before we specifically talk about business in the agricultural sector, it is important to know that in the bigger scheme, we have an important relationship between Cambodia and the United States. Our economic and commercial ties are the important part of this relationship, on one hand. On the other hand, agriculture is very important in Cambodia, accounting for a quarter of its economy. It is also important for the United States, being a part of our history. That gives us a lot of common ground to work together, to improve the agricultural sector and by extension, the commercial and trading relationship.

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