Disney’s first Southeast Asian Princess

by KhmerLife on Jul 28, 2020

Disney’s first Southeast Asian Princess

Raya And The Last Dragon is a Disney animated film that was set to be released in November of this year but is now delayed until 2021. The movie is set in the fictional land of Kumandra, which the producer says is in “a reimagined Earth inhabited by an ancient civilization that venerated the mythical dragons for their power and their wisdom”.

The film is based on Southeast Asian cultures. The team behind the film went out of their way to make the film seem as authentic as possible. They traveled to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia for their research.

When Raya first meets Sisu, Sisu is in human form and needs Raya's help to reclaim her power to become her dragon self. Raya has a gem that channels a huge power, which we don't know what that means yet.�Raya and Sisu are joined by a band of misfits. At its heart, the movie is about the power of community and having hope in darkness.

Based on some of the previews it’s clear that there are cues taken directly from Cambodia!

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