Did Louis Vuitton get design inspiration from Angkor?

by KhmerLife on Jun 27, 2020

Did Louis Vuitton get design inspiration from Angkor?

The style of Kbach is an ancient art form belonging to Cambodia and has inspired designs of elegance throughout Southeast Asia. Kbach is prominent in Angkor design.

Symmetrical patterns of flowers are found on the dresses of the Devatas and Apsaras on all of the temple walls of Angkor. These design patterns are strikingly similar to the famed Louis Vuitton design today.

Are we missing something here? We think so.

France was a protectorate of Cambodia from 1863 until 1945. The famed Louis Vuitton design was introduced in 1896 by Louis Vuitton’s son George just four years after Louis Vuitton’s death.

Here’s an image comparison we found for reference. There’s clearly not much difference in the design besides the added LV. What are your thoughts?

Louis Vuitton design pattern against the dress of a Devata on the wall of Angkor Wat

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