Charity helping Cambodian youth through helpline

by KhmerLife on Apr 24, 2019

Charity helping Cambodian youth through helpline

In a country where emotional and physical abuse is still prevalent, an organisation is transforming the way in which Cambodia's most vulnerable young people can access help through free phone counselling, information, referrals and follow-up services.

Every month, Child Helpline Cambodia (CHC) receives between 10,000 and 12,000 calls from more than 3,000 young people who have suffered from various types of abuse, its most recent annual report revealed.

Speaking to The Post on Monday, CHC executive director Sien Sophai said their system has enabled children and youth up to 25 years old to reach out when they need it in real time.

He added that it allows them to speak directly with professional phone counsellors in a safe and confidential environment.

Sophai continued that the majority of problems these youths face are related to sexual abuse, domestic violence, mental illness and discrimination.
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