Cambodia Vs Vietnam: 20 Reasons To Visit One Over The Other

by KhmerLife on Jan 07, 2020

Cambodia Vs Vietnam: 20 Reasons To Visit One Over The Other

Southeast Asia is one of the most travel-friendly regions in the world. Their tourism is booming, the prices are low compared to our standards and the weather is always great. However, moving around big countries with relatively poor infrastructure is time-consuming and most travelers cannot commit to visiting more than one spot in one go. The Cambodia vs Vietnam dilemma is one that Asia aficionados struggle with the most. The two countries' histories are intertwined, yet they both managed to have kept their distinct culture and voice. We have assembled a list of reasons to visit one over the other. See for yourself which country's strong points you find more convincing. Or better even, find enough time to visit both - you will (only) need several weeks.

Cambodia has white sand tropical beaches and the best ones can be found in the country's many islands. The photograph above was taken on Koh Rong, the second largest and one of the most popular ones as there are beaches and activities for all kinds of travelers.

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