Awakening of Khmer Krom Dragons 2020 | The rise of a dynasty

by KhmerLife on Jun 01, 2019

Awakening of Khmer Krom Dragons 2020 | The rise of a dynasty

The torch has been passed to the next generation. It is our duty to keep the tradition going and awaken the spirit of the Khmer Krom Dragons. We are a well known dragon boat team from the Pacific Northwest, who have competed in many different states (Oregon, Colorado, Florida etc) even international like Canada and have taken home gold, silver and bronze numerous times. What is dragon boat racing, you may ask. It's a fun competitive water sport, where numerous teams intensely fight to cross the finish line. We're currently just testing waters, to see if we have a foundation big enough to start a team. Skin color is not a factor, neither is gender. We have had brown, white, yellow, and mixed races of all kinds join our team! At the end of the day, we do this to have fun, represent the culture and to keep the spirit alive.We have created bonds with people we won't forget, and memories that last a lifetime. If you're interested, just contact Lawrence Lam or�Boray Thach�for more Info! Hope to hear from you soon

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