BIG Talk follows Anthony’s Path to Success and Host by Sophan Syz Chhun

In this episode of B.I.G Talk, Syz sits down with Anthony an entrepreneur and is following the path that was set out for him by his late father. In doing so, he has fulfilled his father’s wish and also accomplished his goal of retirement and buying his Ferrari. Now his path is leading him into the Import/export business, writing his first book and starting a non-profit to support the youth in urban developments. His heart is big, his goals are bigger and he is doing B.I.G. ENJOY this amazing interview and leave comments below. What path are you following and why?

Sophan Syz Chhun talented Khmer from Sacramento, California
Founder and CEO at Top Knox MediaEntrepreneur at Worley Real Estate and Creator at Knockaholix Productions and Syzmik Films


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