Behind the Mic: G Funk Supreme interview by MIDDLE CHILD

Through the golden age of YouTube, I used to browse countless hours of cyphers to kill time. There were plenty of local MC’s that would drop bar after bar to create a platform for themselves. Scrolling though, I stumbled upon a video called “Cambo Cypher”. I didn’t know what to think about it because I’ve never seen Cambodians in any form of musical showcase (at least domestically). There, I saw a young rapper with a unique flow and crazy confidence with a caption “G Funk Supreme” listed under. I’ve been following his career ever since, observing his growth through multiple albums and presence in the LBC.

Here is his story:

A native to Eastside Long Beach, rapper G Funk Supreme took inspiration for his music from many different aspects in his life. He emphasizes that nothing is more inspiring than his upbringing. He touches on his Cambodian roots and livelihood of Eastside Long Beach. 

“My upbringing is similar to a lot of us, being South East Asian and coming up in the early 90’s. We stuck to ourselves and we didn’t really want to break out of our little mold. Anything new to us felt like it was dangerous or as a threat. Growing up Long Beach was home, it made who I was and who I am today. ”

Full interview at: https://www.middlechildstore.com/post/behind-the-mic-g-funk-supreme


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