Australia’s Cambodian community honour Bob Hawke as the man who gave them ‘peace and freedom’

Marking 100 days since his death, Australia’s Cambodian community have paid tribute to former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, who played a crucial role in resettling refugees in the 1980s.

At the Wat Khemarangsaram Buddist temple in Bonnyrigg in Sydney’s west, the Australian-Cambodian community honoured the life of Bob Hawke, the man they call ‘father’.

The service came 100 days after the former Prime Minister’s death.

The ceremony was held in line with Khmer tradition, marking a significant stage in the mourning process.

Sorn Yin, President of the NSW Khmer Community’ who was a teacher when Pol Pot’s brutal Khmer Rouge regime took hold of Cambodia, delivered an emotional eulogy.

“All of us suffered unimaginable cruelty in those years,” he said.
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