A Film by Cambodians About Cambodians Screens in the US

A Film by Cambodians About Cambodians Screens in the US.

‘Lost Loves,’ a feature film by Chhay Bora that describes daily life under the Khmer Rouge, screened this weekend at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Therese Hayes, who heads the Asia section for the festival, says the film is emotionally powerful—and it is unique because it was created in Cambodia by Cambodians. She spoke to VOA Khmer by phone from the festival, in Palm Springs, Calif.

Why did you choose “Lost Loves” as one of the fifteen films from Asian countries this year?

First of all, the subject matter is of great interest because there is no feature made about the Khmer Rouge. There have been some documentaries but nothing is as personal story as this one. However, I had a very difficult time being able to look at the film because I did not have the contact of the filmmaker, and as you know there are very few films coming out of Cambodia.

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