5 Countries Where You Can Retire By the Beach for Less Than $1,500 a Month

Who’s up for an adventure abroad?

Whether you’re five months or 15 years away from handing in that final two weeks notice, you’ve probably dreamt of the beachside digs where you’ll live out the best years of your life. And while it may seem like Florida is forever calling(We don’t blame you!), those who want to buck the trends might want to consider searching for real estate outside the U.S.


Looking for something a little more exotic? Cambodia may be far away, but its beautiful scenery, culture, food, and affordability more than makes up for the distance. (It’s claimed the top spot in the cost-of-living category three years in a row in International Living’s annual Global Retirement Index.) While the capital city of Phnom Penh (where you can find a one-bedroom urban apartment for $250 per month) draws many expats, the laid-back coastline is equally as enticing, with many international residents settling down in the charming, cultured resort town of Kep.

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